How much patience we need to get tons of Orders?


Someone please check and give me best advice about my gig?
I have 0 orders.


Well about your first question about parience: A lot and also a lot of knowledge to have tons of happy clients at at end of a day. :wink:

About advice for your gig: I personaly wouldn’t buy from you because it looks fake, your description is full of grammar mistakes (I’m not native at all, but to me it looks like something google translate would do…) and those images you uploaded are probably stolen from google - I didn’t check so I may be mistaken (sorry in that case), but this is how it looks like. :slight_smile:

Best regards!


Hi matevzs1,

Thank you so much.I really appreciate your comment.First images are totally mine.I designed.Secondly, Grammer is weak so Now I’m working on my description.Thank you