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How much Profile Name matter?


Hello Experts!
I want to know your insights that how much profile name matters for a Seller’s success. Also please share you views if some one is unable to get orders, whether by deleting and making new account will work for him? Please share your experience. I shall appreciate your words. Thanks!


While it can help people remember you more easily to have a simple one it makes absolutely no difference in your success. People with long impossible to pronounce profile names can be extremely successful, depending on how talented and dedicated to excellence they are.


Unless it’s completely unprofessional and/or vulgar, it doesn’t matter. I mean, if I see someone with “expert” as a part of their username, I probably won’t take them seriously (anyone and everyone can claim to be an expert), but if they’re really good at what they do, they’re likely to succeed.

If someone was unable to succeed with one account, creating a new one is unlikely to suddenly make them successful. The only exception I can think of is if the seller was extremely unlucky and their first rating was terrible; in that case, closing the old account and opening a new one (with a permission from Customer Support, or it will get disabled!) might help.


Why would making a new account help? If you had a hard time making it work the first time you might have an equally hard time with a new account.


I wish i could change my username but that shipped sailed already. Good thing i work in a field that doesn’t seem to mind.

I would much rather go by my current rap name Marty McFly…