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How much response time matters?

My response time has increased from 1 hour to 5 hours! I don’t know-how, how to get it back to 1 hour? how much it will affect, I ain’t having many knocks from buyers, especially not at all nowadays!

I would say this depends on your specific field, so someone else may be more qualified to answer this. Working in the arts, some people want things done in an extremely short amount of time so having quick responses and the ability to produce fast is key. Personally, not a fan of taking commissions/gigs that want something done in one day or even two.



If you are offerin 24 hours deliveries that cna be a problem. But you generally need to be careful with that. Sometimes it can happen that a seller has not noticed a message until hours or even a whole day has passed. So that increases the response time. You need to respond asap to every first message. But the response time is re-calculated often, so if you keep a quick response time for the next messages you will soon get your 1 hour response back.

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Thank you so much! i got it! :grinning: