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How much should I ask for 2000 words

Hi !

I am working with someone, and even though it is not what I usually do, he wants me to write blog posts for him.
I am a average writer and I was never interested (before) into writing articles for people. However, now, I must give him a price for my services.

Let’s say I must write a 2000 words review on a product, how much should I ask him to pay for this ?
If he wants less words (500, 1000), how do I adjust the price ?

If there is any writer, can you tell me how much I should make him pay ?

(I know I could have checked already existing gigs, but nothing looks like what I am describing)

Thank you for your help !


Offering product reviews is not allowed on Fiverr.


I am talking about a blog post, not reviewing the client product. Like if TechCrunch make a review on an iPhone.

Assuming you’re not violating the ToS by offering to write product reviews (as mentioned by @lloydsolutions), you could do some Fiverr research to see what others sellers of a comparable experience level are quoting. Quote how much ever you think your work is worth.

I would also like to point out one other thing. It is not necessary to accept every offer that comes your way. If I am not good at something a buyer asks me to do, I politely decline and tell them that I may not be the right candidate for the task.

If you think your writing skills are average, then you might only get an average review. You need to assess whether or not the money that you’ll get from doing this job is worth the average review.

Writing a blog article should be okay. However, writing a blog article for a website that reviews products? That’s tricky. If I were you, I’d still confirm it with CS before working on such a blog post.

Good luck!


Hi @nicolas_sc,

I see you’re having a real hard time with your rating. Sorry you’re going through this…

As @hanshuber16 said, you are not obligated to accept whatever buyers request. Being so, you are also not obligated to give your buyer prices for services you don’t offer or you don’t feel confortable with.

If you’re not good at something or have little experience in that something, the best is not to offer your services for that because, in the long term, it will bring negative repercussions to you and that will be worse. Keep in mind that 2000 words are many words - in fact, a heck of a lot of words to write!

Only offer services at what you really are good at. If you want to explore other fields, go ahead, do it !! Gain skills & experience !! Only then, and once you feel confident with what you’re doing, offer those new services.

Please, always keep in mind that mediocrity doesn’t lead anyone far, only quality!

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What if this particular buyer wants to scam?

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Yes, that’s a possibility and, sadly, it is frequent in the writing category :anguished:

Thank you all for your advice.

I may have not said what I wanted to say properly. I made it seem like I feel it is an obligation. I actually want to do it, but I need to give him a price.

I know I am not the best but I have written a little bit in the past and I am not so bad. I actually enjoy writing on subjects I love.

If I feel that what he is asking is not what I am used to do (too hard, subject I don’t know, etc) I won’t do it, but else I think I am going to try.

I will take all you said into consideration when making my final choice.


I would also want to say that this buyer is a repeated buyer of my other gigs. That is why he asked me to do this, he is not a total stranger.

I don’t think he would scam me.

I hope you’re right, I really do. And, as you’re willing so hard to dive into those deep waters, I also hope you to be at the height of your buyer’s expectations.

Best of luck to you!

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I believe that @nicolas_sc is talking more about writing a blog on client’s product i.e describing a product. Reviews are something else, I purchased a product and now I am giving some reviews about it. The question was so simple and I have figured out some people always turn the conversation in another direction which is far beyond our thinkings or intentions.

Update :

I would like to thank @hanshuber16 and @maitasun for their advice.
I received what the buyer wanted me to do. He wanted me to do a case study for his website. I could have tried to do it, but honestly, I would have needed to learn how to do it, then do it, etc. It would have taken a long time (even with the 700 words he asked).

I told him I couldn’t do it.

Thank you all for helping me make the good choice !


Hi @nicolas_sc

You’re most welcome, although you didn’t need to thank me. We’re here to help each other, as best as we can, with the best of our abilities :wink: