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How much should I charge for 53 topics?

I write articles and blog posts. A new client wants me to find 53 topics for him on a theme related to international trade. He has only made an order of $5…obviously that’s too low because doing my research and finding 53 topics would require a lot of time - at least 3-4 hours of my time. How much should I ask him as an “extra”? I’m really tempted to cancel the order, but if I am to charge an extra how much should I charge? I have never done this before - finding topics for someone. So, what’s acceptable for this kind of work?

When you say find 53 topics, he just wants subjects, no written material?

I’m not sure there are 53 topics related to that. I think it depends on how much you want the job and need the money. I could do it within an hour I think.

$15 is better for 4 hours

Ouch. Less than $4 an hour? I’d say $4 for 15 minutes unless reviews are needed badly.

Sent a mutual cancellation request. Asked him for an extra $15, but he said he would pay only $10 in all.

Just the topics…based on international trade. Wants me to mention the sources on which to write articles as well, so expects me to do research as well.

I think at 2500 completed orders and 1966 positive reviews, I don’t have to be as desperate as I was 2 years ago.

I agree. Sounds like a potential problem buyer.


Was going to say cancel but you already did. $10 for 50-odd articles PLUS research? He needs some schoolin’.

Saved yourself some hassle there I think :smiley:

I’ll give you one… Shipping containers. I looked up to buy one and discovered that there isn’t enough trade coming out of the US and so when they come into the US they just use them once and sell them because no trade to send back. Another topic People are building homes out of them. Another one… what do they do if they don’t sell… how they recycle.

Yes, This is good to cancel for you. But for me I can do that for in that rate. Because I am new and I am looking for some tasks.