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How much should I charge per hour?

Hello!, I’m an level one seller, I used to be about 1 year ago but for some personal things I leaved fiverr, now I’m back and I made 22 orders with five stars last month, my main Gig and the only one I’m working with now is programming, it has 34 five stars reviews and I’m wondering if I’m overselling or underselling my work. I would like to know how do you calculate the charge you make per hour, based on the quantity of orders or something, thanks in advance!

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Don’t charge by the hour; charge according to the value of the work provided.

If it helps, though, back in the day, when everything on Fiverr cost only $5, the general consensus was that a fair price was 15 minutes of work for one $5 gig. If you absolutely must have a gauge for a bare minimum pricing format, perhaps that’s is a suitable place to start.

Like I said, though, that was the past, and these days, you should price by value, not by the hour. I suppose, from my experience, and from a mathematical standpoint, I’ve had some orders where I’ve charged $40 for an hour’s worth of work, and other’s where I’ve charged around $100/hour, so it’s the work that has the most value, not just a set time-frame that you do it in.


I used my organizational skills from working at a K-8 school… Over time I developed an organized Fiverr Gig system and could complete projects faster and more efficiently. After a while, I dropped my old “charge-per-hour” mindset and thought of “charge per-project

My goal has always been to make more money in less time (or make even more money in the same amount of time).


Is per hour system Available on Fiverr ???

Thank you @jonbaas and @leejohnsonvideo! I though that, but I have to create different gigs to different types of programming to achieve that I think (Projects, classes, functions, plugins, scripts…).
@digitalavinash No, I meant to calculate the time a project would take you and then charge taking that.