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How much should I guide a buyer through the process?

In other words: when should I ask the buyer for feedback and how many times? The amount is probably a bit difficult to answer though. But I’d like to know your approach.

For example, I’m designing a logo and brand identity for a buyer. Paranoid as I am, I currently prefer to keep the buyer up to date of every step as much as possible: sketch on paper, digital sketch, font choices, color choices lalala.

But this feels a bit overboard and creatively drains me, doesnt seem achievable time-wise, possibly gives the buyer too much ‘freedom’, and doesn’t weigh up against the price.


Depends on what you do. Personally I never ask for feedback during the process. I get a clear understanding of what the client needs and I deliver a final version. Then I revise on that according to feedback. I never show work in progress.


I only show the final product to my buyers. If I let them be part of the creative process they’ll start requesting revisions before we achieve a final version, and they might not have the same eye as you to where the order is going so they obsess over the one thing they don’t like.

And if a client let it be known they want to have an active voice/ micromanage the order I normally decline the project or suggest an hourly rate, which seems to drive them away.


When I was first starting out, I had a habit of submitting an update every day of how their illustration was coming along. But over time, especially when my schedule started to fill up, I found that doing this just took up way too much time, and often made the process much longer (I’d get 3 spaced out revisions over a week rather than 1 list of things to fix at the end).

Now I tend to discuss all the details in the beginning, before delivering the final version at the end. This does come with a trade-off though, as some buyers feel entitled to know your progress every waking moment. I try to spot these sorts of clients and avoid working with them, especially as it can be quite frustrating to be finishing up an order for A, when B keeps hammering me about their project that just started.

Honestly it’s really up to you how you run this side of things, and I do think there is a healthy middle-ground that can be achieved.


I’m not sure what it’s like for logo designers, whenever I order illustrations I always receive the first drafts to get my “approval”, and I have to say that whilst it’s appreciated, it seems unnecessary. As a musician here on Fiverr, it would be very tiring for me to ask a buyer for their opinion any time I composed something or made a creative decision, and I think a buyer chose you for the work because they believed that you could provide them with the value they’re looking for, so why feel the need to have them give their opinion on every step of the way? They may not understand your process and could possibly push you to change the way your work just because they can’t envision the end product with what you’ve sent.

I think you’re doing too much, but then again I don’t work in that field so my opinion might not be worth much.


I let them be a bit creative, I show them few versions of website background, small changes in color scheme and let them decide what to pick sometimes. This makes them involved in creative side of things and overall experience is better :wink: of course I value my time so not gonna waste much time into this (although its not necessarily wasted time)

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