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How much similiar can gigs be? *Niche Gigs*

I want to create few niche gigs but every gig will be in same category and will provide same service. Do you think CS can delete my gigs for this? I want to do it this way, so I can get some recognition because my service have too much competition, so I decided to niche it a little.I work in web development.

[1] I will create website

[1] I will create portfolio website
[2] I will create business website
[3] I will create resume website

It’s just some examples that I probably won’t use but it explains what I want to achieve


I believe you can go for it without a problem. And you can target specific audience if you “diversify” your offer, so I don’t see a problem.


Just to be clear, what is the difference between ‘portfolio’ and ‘resume’?

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Well Im not offering any portfolio or resume services and used this only as examples. But that’s interesting question and I think this reply from Quora will help you find difference:

A portfolio is a collection of your projects with descriptions and pictures. A resume is a document that summarises who you are and what you do. The project experience section of the resume is a snapshot of your best projects which are extensively presented in the portfolio .


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Suppose I should have made clear my question was a counter example. :slight_smile:

It’s basically the question you need to ask when evaluating if the gig and titles are different enough, and if they could be mistaken as the same thing. While Fiverr is an English platform, there’s a large percentage of the user-base that isn’t, and a LOT can get lost in translation.

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