How much time before I get my first gig?


Hey guys,
I was just wondering, how much time did it took you to get your first gig?
made my account a couple of days ago and added a couple of gigs. But so far no orders. I am too excited, so decided to drop a message down here.
Are my gigs up to the mark?

Any response is most welcome


Most people shopping here look for people with a lot of positive ratings. With you not having any ratings it will be more difficult for you to get gigs. You also opted to start your gig at $10 instead of $5. You might consider lowering your price until you get at least a few positive reviews.


Welcome to Fiverr. You need to be patient. Some sellers take months to get their first order. Best wishes for your success! :slight_smile:


@johnh2005 I believe you are right here and I thought about it, but I have mentioned in my video that it starts at $10 so that’s why I am hesitant to change the price. any suggestion?


Thanks @lloydsolutions … I guess I have no other choice but to wait right?:slight_smile: But are the gigs and description, also the video presented well?


Don’t have time to analyse your gig but you have got the spacing wrong in your gig video image at the word “Fiverr” which you have wrongly spelt as “Fivver”. Suggest you check everything again as attention to detail is very important.


Edit the video. You definitely don’t want want the mistakes mentioned above in there. Call the price reduction a grand opening sale.


Hey, thanks for pointing it out! I made the change now and rechecked every thing again… thanks again


thanks for the suggestion! I just incorporated the " grand opening sale " tag in the description!
But my video preview image is not changing this time!!! what should I do??


Honestly, I would just scrap that video and start over. Take your time. Do it like you want people to use your service. You have “medieval” spelled incorrectly. You say to put your business on the fast track, but you use a train, which are notoriously slow. At least use a bullet train or something. Maybe a Formula 1 car? Just put more effort into the video and make yourself stand out. There was nothing in the video that would make me say, “Hey! This guy needs to do this for me!” Not being mean, just trying to help.