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How much time did it take to get your first order?

Hi, I have started some gigs few days ago, and am very exited about it. I would like to know about how much time it took to get you your first order and any interesting thought on it.

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About 20 minutes. That was three years ago though.

Took a week and a half for my first order to come in.

hmm sounds nice

Yeah, mine took about a week.

A few hours.

I offered a pretty insane first gig special back then though :slight_smile:

I’m waiting for first order. [-(


Nine plus months.

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No one can tell you that, sometime it will take 1 day on the other hand 1 week or 1 month. I think it’s depend on luck!!! But you have to do marketing your gig!! I hope you will get order soon!

I’ve been here since 1st September, still I didn’t get any order. Hold your nerves and sit back, relax,

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Six-Seven months unfortunately. I’m still working on improving my gigs and their presentation.

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None. The more time that goes by without a sale, the more time I put into improving my gigs. (*)

Hi there,
It defends on your talent and dedication. You can increase your talent while you start getting orders. When you get orders, always make the customers satisfy. So they will repeat and also your gigs will go up in the list which takes new customers also to your gigs. Hope this will help you.
Best wishes,
Team UE

If you don’t mind some input, your gigs are too complicated. If I have to negotiate the price before buying, I usually search for someone else. Do simple $5 deals, giving more than you’d like to give just to get started. Then when you get popular you can dial it down.

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I received tons of impressions almost immediately. But I didnt get my first gig for about 6 weeks later. One thing to be aware of – it will take FOURTEEN days for your funds to clear Fiverr once you receive them. Something Fiverr Noobs (like me) weren’t aware of.

You won’t make a living off of Fiverr in the States. But it IS a lot of fun!!!

Best of luck!!


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I joined Fiverr last month and it took me a few hours to get my first order. I offered a really fair price for my services in order to offset my lack of reviews. Until you get those first reviews, you are really working for the reviews, not for the money. Best of luck to you!

Someone please guide how to get more orders

a couple of weeks

Depends on your gigs that how much you make it attractive. Promote gigs.

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Reply to @ryangillam: I think at that time few less seller must be there to get that much quick response