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How much time did your First order take?


Hello ,

I am quite new Here, I was wondering how much time does it take for the firts order.??


23 hours and 20 minutes.


I have been a member for 11 days and I just got my first order that I brought here after 11 long days of sales and self promotion to get someone here to purchase from me! Still a big nothing from non-self generated sales.


This forum has endless support and step by step guides on marketing your gigs.

I’m not sure if your complaining about sales on a popular forum is the way to go about driving traffic geekcode. It’s like any other business- it isn’t anyone else’s responsibility to bring you customers …unless you pay for marketing…and as fate would have it- there is an entire community on fiverr prepared to do that.

Rating, social proof and product belief is the key to fiverr. To build a good reputation you have to drive customers to your gigs- once you’ve proven your quality- people will come to you.


It varies tdesigner. I think I sold my first gig in about three days. Which surprised me. Most of my gigs weren’t even showing up in search results (sometimes they still don’t) and I hadn’t even started to promote anywhere. And my gigs aren’t what are usually sells well here, like video testimonials and social media ‘promo’.

Then I went through a phase of heavy promotion and barely sold any gigs for months. I stopped pushing my gigs entirely and still get as many (few) sales as I did the first month.

It’s incredibly difficult to know what to expect because of Fiverr itself being so random. Of course, all the usual marketing techniques apply, but it is very much down to luck. :slight_smile:


14 hours for my second gig: video testimonials : Check it out @

I think 5 days for my first one: Translating to Korean : Check it out @

But I just think that the first one got a sale quicker because the video was funnier and the traffic for testimonials are bigger. I have 3 sales in the Korean translation now and one sale in the video testimonial one (only created 16 hours ago), so I’ll see how it goes for me.


Reply to @damooch916: Don’t take that as complaining. I was responding to the question that was asked. I worked hard for 11 days and promoted myself all over outside of Fiverr to get that sale. I am proud that I finally got a sale (then very quickly got a second right after). I read all the ideas and am using those to try to get sales! Hopefully more will come on its own…but if not I will continue to work hard to generate more traffic.


ThankYou all, But somehow none of my gigs are getting any views.

What to DO? :frowning:


Chek out my gig


I have got my first order after 2 years

I was idle for 2 years then i took interest in fiverr and placed my gigs. And I got 10 orders in 3 days…


Reply to @tdesigner: Go to buyer request. You can send offers to the buyers which are searching for a gig like yours! Start advertise your gigs in social medias as Facebook,Twitter,Pinterest,LinkedIn and etc. I’m here from 15 days and got my first order on the second day. Good luck!


I got my first buyer within 1 day of my gig going live. Since then it’s all dried up.


I got my first order within 24 hours of signing in


I got a friend to by my gig so I had a least 1 good review, to encourage future buyers. Which worked. Kind of. Took about a month maybe? And took around another month and a half to start getting orders regularly.


Reply to @damooch916: but 27 days left did’t get order


You are really talented! I sold my first gig several hours after I had a video description and offered 24 hour delivery. Do you have any clients you’ve worked with previously that would be interested in buying one of your gigs? I believe you need one completed gig with positive feedback and one gig in your queue to get the ball rolling on each gig. People are looking at that when they browse. That would give you 100% feedback and show that you are busy. Also, video intros, with you talking, will really express who you are and answer the 3 big questions: Are you a real person, will you actually do the work and deliver on time. Offering 24 hour delivery will bring you higher in the express search. This can be scary but you can change it when you start getting orders. I also provided $50 worth of work on each of my first 100 orders (Sound crazy). That way I really over delivered and I set myself up for the gig extras when they arrived. The Forum has been a great inspiration for me. Lot’s of talented heavy thinkers here. Good luck with the gigs. Your post got me to check your gigs out. That’s what it’s about.


I really want to get more orders! However, I think I’ve got customers that will revisit me soon, as they said in their feedback. I think that’s what makes a good seller. Currently, I’m tweeting in the Start-ups and Small Businesses hashtags on Twitter. I know that a lot of people starting up businesses will want video testimonials, so I’m tweeting there. Might seem a bit logical ^^ Good luck.


only 2 days


Sometimes I think Fiverr buys a gig from new sellers just to get them encouraged. Quite a few people make a sale pretty quickly and then nothing.



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