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How much time do a New seller has to wait for his First Order?

Hai Everyone. I’m Vyshak.I have been member since 2017 in Fiverr. But I started selling Two weeks ago. My concern is that as I am a new seller I don’t have any review. Is because of this majority of new sellers are struggling to get orders. Is it because of their gig, Even though I am pretty sure that one day will make it. I think patience and the quality of your work is key here.
Can anyone tell me how to promote my gigs

This my gigs link-


It’s not because they are new it’s because market is oversaturated. Plus in the last 2 months there is a huge wave of new and old sellers who decided to try to sell online due to virus situation. (And I guess you are also one of them).

As for the gig: are you planning to sell it as the same template to everyone just adding their logo on it?
Did you create that video yourself or you took it from templates? Is that a marvel/universal studios song? Do you have copyrights to use it?


Hey @vyshak1997

Hmm, there is a lot of competition when it comes to logos so I’ll just say.

  • Provide unique services / separate yourself from other freelancers
  • Use Buyer Request

Having patience and providing quality work are just the prerequisites to being a freelancer so apart from that just actively think about what works the best for you and your clients. If you actually have something that they want you’ll be fine otherwise there are a lot of experienced people providing the exact same thing that you are just that you’re a newbie.