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How much time do buyers take before answering you custom offer?

Hey! I’m just starting out and I get quite a lot of buyer requests, so I’ve already sent 13 custom offers in the last few days, but none of the buyers have answered. How much time do buyers take before answering you custom offer? Should I just forget about the offers? Because I had started working for them just in case they accepted but I’m wondering whether someone will actually respond. And does Fiverr tell you when they have dismissed you offer?


When you send offers to buyer requests, it’s best just to move on. Sometimes they get back to you months later … and sometimes never. Usually, if they’re interested, you’ll hear from them in a couple of days.

There should really be an “expires in x days” option on those things …


I know right! It’s a little bit discouraging when they’re the only ‘‘offers’’ you get but they don’t answer at all…

Thank you for your reply :grinning:

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I also face same problem. Don’t worry. Got reply but less.

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Fiverr strongly recommends never to start working until the buyer places the order.


It’s depend on their mind-set :heart:

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Wow, that’d be quite useful.

I know, I was preparing just in case. Either way, I hadn’t lost much time and I have actually learned new things about my gigs!

Thanks for your answer @catwriter!

These aren’t offers you receive, these are buyers requesting offers from any and all buyers in your category. Therefore, they sometimes receive hundreds of offers just like the ones you send them.


I hope It’s depends on there mind