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How much time do sellers get to complete revisions?


I have been here for a couple months and I am still confused about how much time a seller gets to complete revisions. Sometimes I get a countdown after a revision is requested and sometimes I don’t. What determines whether or not you get a time limit?


Hm that sounds a bit strange . Usually it depends on your delivery time. For example: If you have a delivery time of 3 days and you deliver your order within 1 day, you still have 2 days left if the buyer requests a revision.
You should only get the timer if the buyer hits the “Request Modification” button.


Yes, it is very strange! They have definitely hit the “request modification” button each time.


If that happens again send some screen shots to customer support. It might be a bug.


I may be missing something, but in my experience, the clock doesn’t matter either way during a revision.

It’s simply a reference point to the original sale.

I’ve delivered before the original countdown during a revision (many times) and 20 or 30 times AFTER it counted down past zero. It said “LATE” but you can ignore that, it’s reference only.

After they get the first delivery, the clock doesn’t count against you.

It makes sense: If you deliver before the order is due, and buyer waits a day or two to request the revision, it’s not appropriate for you to be bound by the original schedule.

As a seller you have no control over when or what a buyer requests in terms of revisions. Could be a simple tweak or a total redo requested.

It’s a good business practice to deliver ASAP, but the timer doesn’t matter. Again: Simply a reference to the original order.


This works in this way-

When you deliver the order, Fiverr subtracts the time you have taken to deliver the initial delivery from the total delivery time (For e.g. 1 day, 2 day, etc; whatever you used). For ex- If your delivery time is set to 1 day / 24 hours and you had delivered within 3 hours, if the buyer asks for a modification, the timer will start counting from 21 hours. This will again get repeated if the buyer asks for any further modification.

So, to get it easily : You need to deliver the finished work including all the revisions within your mentioned delivery time to avoid being late. (Not compulsory though, you can be late for delivering a modification request without any problems :slight_smile:)