How much time do you really put on your $5 gig?


I am really curious about knowing how much effort does sellers put on their basic gig, not the very expensive one with a lot of extras. I usually do them between 30mins-2 hrs… is that mean? lol


For the basic GIG without extra it takes around 10 minutes for me, if all instruction given properly.


It depends on the type of service you’re offering. On an average, I spend about 20 minutes on a basic gig. Orders with gig extras can go up to 1-2 hours. Hope that helps!



I need 7 -8 hours! That means, I do too much! I promote link in 200 fb groups manually and I need 7-8 hours if I do without any break!



The shortest I have spend on a basic $5 gig is about 10 minutes.

On the other hand, I have once spent more than an hour for another basic $5.

I guess it just depends, but basically I think about 20~30 minutes on average. :slight_smile:


For my SEO gigs, I need 5-6 hrs for manual submission. That is too much I know. Actually, I try to give some custom service and relevant link building so that I may elevate my performance every time. Thanks


Reply to @nir_anjan: Yeah I think its too much, but I think if you upgraded to level 2 you may offer less and expect same number of orders. or maybe try increasing your period if you feel overwhelmed. I used to work harder when I was level 1.


Average for me is 15-20 minutes now. Until I hit level 2, I offered more to build my brand and get ratings. Then I spent 1-2 hours per gig. Now my $5 orders are new customers looking for brief sample work but my repeat clients typically spend more.


10 minute to 45 minute.


I’m a translator and it’s about 1-3 hours.




For me it takes 1 hour maximum to write a 500 word article.This also includes research as well.


On my old system, it took me 10 minutes to do the animation, and 20 minutes to render xD

On my new laptop, 5 minutes to do the animation, a minute or two to render and upload. Life’s easy.

Also, adding up the gig extras doesn’t increase the order much either. :smiley: