How much time do you spend in Fiverr


Hey folks :slight_smile:

After joining two weeks it seems that I am completely addicted to Fiverr. Whenever I am getting time I am online here and sometimes doing my work and going through forum posts looking at my gigs and other gigs people making etc, etc. People here are very friendly too.

I am just curious how much time do you spend daily in Fiverr everyday. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:




I am probably spending 13/24 hours in Fiverr since I literally have no work to do during the Christmas break


12 hours


Too much… but that is only since the Forum went live!!


7-8 hours, checking my orders, checking other people gigs, read forum posts etc


I want to add that if we would have a mobile version of Fiverr we can do a lot more and can communicate with others even when we are away from home, what do you say :slight_smile:


I think Fiverr works on mobile browsers…

lparziale said: I think Fiverr works on mobile browsers...

Thanks for the info


Sure - I know I have logged in on my iPhone


Thats really Interesting

lparziale said: Too much.. but that is only since the Forum went live!!



Reply to @anarchofighter: Yes, I know - you and I are always on the same posts!! LOL


In Weekdays i work for 3 hours a day and on weekends i work for 8 hours

i am different lol… :-))


Reply to @parmarjeet: your slideshow gigs are cool :slight_smile:


Depend on the activities.



Reply to @lparziale: yeah! works in mobile browsers but not mobile friendly. Forum is so but main site I found difficult to operate on my iPhone and on Android phone as well


10-16 hours daily… :slight_smile: