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How much time do you spend learning more about what you do here?


Hello, fellow doers!

I’ve been around Fiverr for about a year and a half now doing voice-over work. I started out at, essentially, one cent per word, but now am able to charge more than that as my skills and techniques have improved vastly in the last 18+ months. I attribute that to taking the time to study my craft in my down time. I watch YouTube videos by experts in my field and constantly look out for techniques that will make my audio sound better as well as make my performance better. This is pretty much a daily thing for me, and as I’ve continued learning, I’ve noticed that not only does my quality keep improving, but I keep gaining more buyers as I go.

So I’d like to ask the community, how much time do you guys put into learning your craft in an effort to improve what you do, and how much has it helped your business here?


Hello Everyone :slight_smile:

Mostly i use my time to learn new things over internet like google course,researching on keywords,making plans on how we can grow e-commerce business,everything i learn and do according to curiosity :slight_smile:

Whatever you are learning i will give you something in return.


This is a wonderful topic, and hopefully it will get pinned :wink:

So happy to hear your success story Joe, and how dedicated you are to your passion!

When I started on Fiverr back in 2010, I wanted to try something different that I had no knowledge about: SEO, specifically the analysis part. I quickly learned the gist of SEO, created a gig, made some basic analyses, but I had received some negative reviews as well.

Those negative reviews actually turned out to be gold, because they told me where I was failing, what I was doing wrong. So I decided doing things the right way!

I’ve spent months learning, and more months redesigning my whole gig and work. And the changes were significant. I’ve started getting more and more buyers, more positive reviews, and a couple of negatives across several years, which helped me even further down the road.

Later on, however, I realized that learning something only once isn’t quite enough. So I decided to keep on learning, keep on researching and improving my work, and now here I am, one of the TRSs, with plenty of regular clients and more new clients each day (with my prices reflecting the value and quality of my services, and the years spent learning and improving)

So to answer your question more concisely: I’ve put a lot of time and effort into learning and improving what I do, and I’m still learning, still improving, still finding new ways to improve even further, finding new opportunities to evolve. And the outcome is well worth the time and effort!


Very smart, Goofy my boy :sunglasses:


As for me, I just keep working and learning, working and learning…


Thanks! I think it’s a wonderful thing, to be able to keep learning, especially with the technology available today that puts anything you want to study right at your fingertips.


Oh yes, it’s almost impossible not to learn more! As someone with no education or contacts, being able to work through fiverr anyways has given me so much experience that I would’ve struggled to get otherwise. Not only the whole business-side of things, but my craft improves every day. Partly from buyers requesting services that I haven’t tried before, but also from a growing eagerness to learn new things :slight_smile:

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I’ve recently started Fiverr. I’ve been trying to soak up as much knowledge to improve my gigs and hone my craft as much and as quickly as I can. Tips and advice welcome here :smiley:


Keep working hard, keep learning, keep improving. Understand that there will be some points where you’ve got some down time in between orders and don’t let that frustrate or discourage you. Be professional and treat this like a job. Good luck!


I’ve spent my life learning my craft but make some small tweaks sometimes when I feel they will help.


Thanks for the advice :slight_smile: