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How much time do you spend looking at Buyer Requests?

Hello Fiverr,
I’m quite new here and I seem to have my best chance, or rather any chance at all, at the Buyer Requests page.
Still, I only delivered one order overall by mere luck, and I think I spend too much time on the Buyer Requests page. I log on at the rush-hour, spend about two hours rapidly refreshing the site and sending offers which will never see the light of day, then look back at it every 15 minutes or so.
How much time do YOU spend on the Buyer Requests page? Do you have any tips on how to get less competitive luck-based results?

Sol Fisher.

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Hi Sol,

I used to do the same when I joined, just to get the initial set of orders in. Overtime, I figured out a slight pattern in the bursts of Requests (for me it was usually around Noon and Evening). Then I just used to check around those times and send offers. Also, I always used to pick the ones that had a few key things about them:

  1. The budget. For me it was always minimum 30$, anything else I didn’t even bother.

  2. The quantity (and quality) of information provided by the buyer. I always used to chose the ones who described their needs clearly. This just might be me but I felt that these kind of buyers would actually put in time to go through the requests and read the ones that actually put in effort. That being said, I always custom wrote my offers, making sure to include parts of the buyer’s own information.

  3. Just the overall language style. Again, this is just me but I always picked the ones that were a little more “friendly” in their language. For eg. A simple “Hello!” or a “Thanks!” in the request.

Just a few things I did. I noticed that with every 6 requests sent, I had at least 2 buyers coming back to me.
Now I don’t use buyers request that much as I get organic inquires + lack of time in general.

Your milage may vary :slight_smile:

Best of luck!


I saw a buyer today that wanted 33,000 words typed for $5. I guess you would not want to apply for that job. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I didn’t either. :rofl:


:roll_eyes: I saw one request yesterday asking to translate 15K words for 5$…


That sounds tempting! Maybe there will be “more work in the future”. :grinning:

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barely any. I’ve spent a lot more time crafting my gigs, and learning helpful information in the forum. I’m not saying you shouldn’t keep checking those buyer requests, just sharing my experience.