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How much time does a $5 order take you?

If you don’t have a lot of back and forth beforehand, and the buyer provides all the correct information, and there is no drawn out customer service hassle afterward, how much time do you have to invest in your $5 offer?

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Too much time. !

But presumably, I’m in a minority here. I make handmade items which take hours, however I’m unable to work due to being handicapped and would be creating things anyway, to stay occupied. I also sell my work locally (for a lot more money! but without the need to charge for shipping). I view Fiverr as another outlet to sell something I would be making anyway. And I truly enjoy interacting with my buyers & having the opportunity to “meet” people from all over the world.

It’s pretty clear to me that some sellers spend very little time on gigs because they’re just re-selling the same work over & over. Other sellers create unique, well-done work, and deserve the extra they charge (once they’ve gotten established).

How much time do YOU spend? ~O)

For me from 15 to 45 minutes. It depends by gig that is ordered.

I do writing, and 500 words (actually written, researched and not spun) takes nearly 45-60 minutes. It depends on the topic as well, if it has to do with something I need to learn, it may extend to 80 minutes, lol.

It takes me over 3 hours to create a original researched and seo optimized 600 word article!

3 hours is average time of all my gigs without extras. Haven’t calculated the ones without revisions separately as i only keep records for bookkeeping

for a 50 word voiceover with the script pasted on the order page: 15 minutes usually. now, if someone requests a cartoon voice i’m unfamiliar with, i need to find videos and research, or if the script is in some weird format, it might be 30 minutes for a $5 gig.

for my lyric writing gig, it’ll usually take me 20-30 minutes to bang out a set of lyrics.

and for my 4-part harmony gig, that takes maybe 10 minutes - that’s my favorite gig to do! :smiley:

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For my PowerPoint gig, it can take as little as 15 minutes or so to redesign an existing 8-slide presentation and as much as two hours (or more!) if there’s a lot of back-and-forth with the customer.

My basic resume gig takes me about 30 minutes but can go longer if the client’s resume is badly-formatted or just insanely complex.

Thank God for gig extras! :smiley:

It depends, I do a lot of formatting or survey creation and a little writing. My formatting gigs (like making a power point or word document template) take maybe 20-30 minutes and that’s mostly me being picky about the colors and the design of it. Surveys especially if someone wants me to write the questions and edit them can take a couple days if we are messaging back and fourth.

Anything where I write something original takes 30-40 minutes and then I like to have 24 hours to come back to it with fresh eyes because I want it to be perfect before I send it to my customer.

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I do enjoy making the darn things…!~lol~

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I’m a pretty slow transcriber (by most standards I would think) so I can usually only do a 1 hour file in about 5-6 hours. For one $5 gig though (which is only 15 minutes), I could get it done in probably 30-40 minutes. Below average quality, lots of subject-specific jargon, accents, or fast-paced speaking will usually add on to the time though.

For my WordPress Blog creation, it literally takes 5 hours. I do agree that $5 is very very low for my 5 hours of work. A lot of time buyers don’t send in the correct info, their hosting login info is wrong and other stuff, it takes a lot of time.

I am a bit slow, to make the order perfect, I take somewhat more time that needed, but then satisfaction of customer and me is important. Earning for me is 5$ plus customer satisfaction. So, I feel it good to give more time than needed.

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It depends from gig to gig. For my translation gig it would normally take me 1 hour or so (I re-read everything after I’m done to find eventual mistakes). But sometimes it gets tricky because I can’t always know what 500 words would include. If it’s something I need to research in order to get the terminology right it often takes much more than 2h. I’m considering lowering the word count now that I feel I’ve established myself in my field, but I think I’ll wait until my 100th sale or something (on that gig).

Now that I write this, it seems absurd how much work goes into a $5 order, but I love working here.

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