How much time does Fiverr need to clear pending payments - lately?


Hello, I’ve been reading a lot on this forum about glitches and bugs when it comes to the pending clearance for gigs we sell and released funds. As I personally have 3 gigs that have marked as completed by the buyers but no money show in my account yet, does anyone know how many days does it take for Fivver to clear it and release the money into our accounts?



@travelbydart Generally, upto 18 days from marking the order as delivered. Can be longer in some circumstances, but that’s about the average for most sellers.

A little breakdown:

Upto 3 days for order to complete(unless buyer leaves feedback.)

Then 15 days for order that involves pending clearance and make sure the money goes through alright and to cover any potential issues that may occur such as fraud, buyer complaints, etc.

Then you should be able to withdraw funds at that point for the particular order.


This is an issue for everyone.

Once you deliver and buyer leaves feedback the money should go straight to your account- as its been acknowledged and why not!

rozzski999 said:
  • Once you deliver and buyer leaves feedback the money should go straight to your account- as its been acknowledged and why not!

Because instant payouts lead to scams.


Its still scam central if you wait! I delivered $75.00 of gigs to a customer, he then requested a paypal charge back and got it! I lost $75.00 and all the work I completed. You cannot win.



How long for delivered order to Clear?

Upon delivery, orders take 0 to 3 days to “complete” (3rd day is auto-complete).

Once “complete”, it takes another 14 days for funds to “clear”.

So, funds “clear” and are “available” in 14 to 17 days.

You cannot connect your PayPal until you have funds “available”.

Fiverr orders have statuses.

Go to your Sales area and see a row with the following. A drop down enables you to sort through the categories.


Active (order is in and in process)

**Active Orders can be “InComplete” when Buyer did not submit information required (Clock not Running). Seller “nudges” Buyer to submit info through the “Order Page” (Clock will Start).

Completed (order is delivered and one of the following)

A) Completed by Buyer.

B) Auto complete (Buyer does not review. Auto takes up to 3 days)

Delivered (order is delivered, but Buyer hasn’t picked it up)

Buyers can “Reject/Request Modification”. Seller must redeliver & cycle restarts with A or B above.

Cancelled (order was cancelled by Buyer or Seller)

NOTE: Funds are not available until;

  • The order is completed (see Completed A / B above)
  • And the 14 day pending period expires

    – Funds available take up to 17 days (1 to 3 days + 14 day pending period)


Sadly I did a gig and it’s been 30 days and I haven’t been able to withdraw my funds. This is weird.


@angelastar On your revenue page, is the “withdraw” button active? (Does your cursor become a hand over the button of whichever type of account you use for your funds?) Do you have available funds listed? (Was the gig completed, or was there any request for modification or refund from the buyer which still needs to be done?) If the answers are “yes”, then what happens when you click “withdraw funds”? Anything? Nothing? You should see a message telling you an email has been sent to whatever address you wanted Fiverr to use for payment notifications, and after getting that email you must click the verification link it contains. If you don’t do that, the funds will not be transferred. If you are sure your account is set up correctly, then you’ll need to file a ticket with Customer Support and explain exactly what is going wrong with your withdrawal request.

And FYI, if you use Paypal or the Fiverr Revenue Card, there are fees charged by Paypal or Master Card. To minimize the impact you should not withdraw funds until you have $50 to $100, but that is your choice.


First of all it is illegal and criminal to hold funds for 14 days without any reason when the client’s amount is charged the very first day and even till day of clearing it doesn’t clear. It clears at the end of day. Irrespective of time in Greewich, East Coast or West Coast or even Tel Aviv. Fiverr will take a dip for same reason.


Sorry, but your criminal claim is just nonsense. If it were illegal for funds to be in clearance phases most of the business owners in the world would be in prison.

For example, everyone who rents homes holds deposits for as long as they wants. Legal firms take payments/retainers from their clients up front and the lawyer doesn’t get paid immediately. Companies don’t pay people for their work every hour of the day. I don’t know what you think you are doing with this rant, but it’s pointless. You had your say, though, and you are welcome to stop working on Fiverr if you don’t like the clearance period.