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How much time does fiverr take to index a newly created gig in the search result

Can someone tell me How much time does fiverr take to index a newly created gig in the search result.

Thanks in advance

I put a couple of new gigs up yesterday and they were found in the search within a matter of minutes, but that’s just my recent experience. :slightly_smiling_face:

To be honest it took longer to go through the gig creation process than the indexing. :sunny:


Within an hour for me, but your mileage may vary.

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Thanks offlinehelpers & sandman for your kind reply

I have created a gig today and it is active also but not showing in search result

Can someone help me for indexing my gig into search result.

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We cannot help you get your gig indexed in the search results. All new and edited gigs are reviewed by Fiverr before they are added to the search results. You will have to be patient.


Thanks @jonbaas for your advice .
I will wait for reviewed my gig by fiverr staff.

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Try to search the gig using the keyword you use.
Try to search it completely using your long keyword don’t just using your targeted keyword.

Usually when it’s active it should be on the search posting.
Good luck for your gig :slight_smile:


It’s depend, How you do create gig. If you do edit that again and again within creation. It will be hide from search index. And It will be back in 24-72 hours as fiverr gig reviewing process. :smile:

I think so :slight_smile:

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The new gigs firstly index in the newest arrival section.

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I searched my gig using keyword i use and also using full title of my gig but not able to find in search result.
However my gig is in active status and in statics of gig it is showing 20 IMPRESSIONS and 7 clicks and views from last 2 days without changing impressions, clicks and views.
What should i do now? I haven’t received a single order yet.

I edited my gig many times and days, before publishing it and before this it was in the Draft. I published gig on 10/04/2018

I also saw in newest arrival section, but not succeed to find my gig

Is there someone who can check my profile and gig and suggest me whats wrong with it.


Do you like to share your experience with us?

I already did - you replied to it:

But i have created my Gig this is not showing anywhere!

I have created three days ago!

Not sure what you’re wanting me to do to be honest. Have you asked CS? If not, maybe try it.

Ok i will try to connect cs!