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How much time does it take from being delivered to being a completed order

If someone can tell me how much time does it take from being delivered to being completed order? Three days went by but still nothing has changed.

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It takes 3 days. If it hasn’t closed, 3 days have not passed yet - probably 2 days and 20 something hours or so.

Thank you very much for the information, but after that the funds will still be under pending clearance for some time or?

Of course. 14 days for most people, 7 days for TRS and Pro sellers. Have you read the TOS?

For example, my order is marked as delivered but it is still notifying something as “awaiting response”. I don’t get that part

Well, if it hasn’t closed yet, of course it says that. I don’t understand what you’re not getting.

More than three days from my delivery went by. But it is still labelled as awaiting response. That’s the problem. Should I contact support or should I wait?

Your order can shift from the status of “Delivered” to “Completed” in two cases.
Either the buyer marks the order as completed before 3 days or 3 days pass by without any response from the buyer and the order itself gets marked as completed.

If your order has not been marked as completed then most probably 3 days (exactly 72 hours) have not passed yet.

Thank you very much.

Well, he said exactly what I had said. After 3 days pass, the order gets marked as completed. If it hasn’t, it’s because 3 days haven’t passed.