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How much time does it take to be approved as a Fiverr Pro?

I’m curious that how much time does it take to be approved as a fiverr pro seller? What can be the income stream as compared to normal fiverr seller? Ive applied in programming and tech category. But its only been 2 days. :smiley:


Most never make it.

source (end of page): Fiverr Pro - Find the Top Freelancers in Fiverr


I applied to pro over a year ago. I just received this:

Hi Bradley,

Thank you for applying to Fiverr Pro! As part of the application process, we’d like you to provide some more information to complete your application.

Please provide the following information in one week’s time by logging in to your Fiverr Pro application:

We look forward to reviewing your application,

The Fiverr Pro Team

I logged in. My application still says 100% complete. There is nothing there asking me for more info. There is no contact info provided to reach anyone to ask a question. I’m glad this was a lark and I wasn’t planning on seeing results, but still . . .
Not the way I’d run a business.

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