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How much time does it takes to transfer money to PayPal [ARCHIVED]

I am FrenchShark,
I am new to fiverr and I need to know how much time does it takes to transfer Fiverr earned money to Paypal.
Thank you.

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Hi @alexandrawatson - take a peek at your other discussion post. I posted some ideas for how you can figure this out!

@frenchshark, I agree with @nirob_19 and @ardicus, but would just add that you need to wait for your funds to be “withdraw-able.” This generally takes a few weeks after your initial delivery is marked as complete.

Fiverr withdraw is always instant… Just revenue process time is 14 days after complete an order


I try to withdraw Fiverr 12$ yesterday with my paypal. It wasn’t happened yet. I had the message below.
’’ Hi,
We just received a request to withdraw the revenues in your Fiverr account. Funds will be sent to the PayPal account associated with your Fiverr profile.

To initiate the process, click the following link:


If you did not make this request, please contact customer support.

Note: Withdrawals are final and cannot be undone. We will not be able to refund or change this process once it has begun. ‘’

All the information are correct. Please check this and send the money quickly. Its just take few seconds. What a hell has happened to it??

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Welcome to Fiverr!

As @ruxandradraws said within minutes…

If you have a smart phone you can log into fiverr, set for withdraw… confirm the message in your email and BAM! its in your paypal.


If the funds are cleared, withdrawing them on your PayPal takes a matter of seconds, a minute maybe.

pl. read the question :slight_smile:

You will receive your payment within 5 min.

Yes! It should be instant.

Well, the message has now changed when you withdraw funds. Now the email states:

“Please be patient as funds may take up to a few days to appear in your PayPal balance.”

…always took less than a minute for me, but not anymore…? Hmmm.

In less than 2 minutes.

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If funds are cleared, then it takes only 3-5 minutes

I got the same problem. So did you got the money after few days in your paypal account?


I’m also facing the same.
I send withdraw request 2 days ago. Still not receive. :frowning:

It took 24hr the first time I linked my PayPal with Fiverr. However, after that process, transferring money to it is just a minute process. They charge $1 (or thereabout) on every withdrawal from Fiverr

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This was posted in Nov 2015.

Mine has changed, I think to reflect occasions when something goes wrong, but I’ve only had it take more than a few minutes once or twice out of tons of withdrawals.

You need to contact Customer Support after that long. That’s not normal. This thread somehow got resurrected and is very old, so it will be closed. Just contact CS about any withdrawals issues because even when it is delayed, it’s not usually more than a day.

i have the same problem i withdraw $8 to my papal 8th April but still money doesn’t transferred to my paypal account.
please help me.

Did you open the confirmation link that is emailed to you when you request to receive money via PayPal? You must do this. The money isn’t released to PayPal until you do.