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How much time for revisions?

I ordered illustrations for a children’s book. The seller sent me a custom gig for 11 illustrations, 25 days roughly 400$.
I ordered one picture before, to see, if I like the results, before requesting the custom gig.
The order was delivered late (11 hours) and is total garbage. The same templates used four or five times, many parts of the illustrations just copy-paste from other pictures of the order, for every single illustration, the requirements sent in the picture description have not been met.
So I requested a revision. But now I’m wondering, how much time does the seller get, to fix this?


Very sad to here your story :pensive::pensive::pensive:

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If anyone wants to know.
I contacted customer support on this question. There is no new deadline to complete the order, but the seller is “supposed” to not take too much time.
I asked the seller what she thinks how long it will take her and she cancelled the order.
So I don’t need to worry about my deadline since I’m back to square one.


So sad to read it =(

it depends on seller level, illustration type, quantity, full or partial modification …etc
for a single page illustration professional seller try to deliver revised file within 12 to 24 hours.

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**I really hate to hear stories like this. Stuff like this is the reason for a long time I would not even make a Fiverr account. but I have met many great artist here who have done work for me and they do a lot of hard work. but I will say with the amount of time you gave the artist, if you’re talking about a traditional children’s book. It was more than enough time to complete the project and they could have asked you if you wanted revisions before the project was even due They could have easily met their deadline here.**strong text