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How much time "Funds Pending Clearance" will take?

I completed one order but still the funds are not available for withdrawal. How much time it will take to clear the pending clearance process.

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It takes 14 days before Fiverr will release them to you.


15 days are completed today from the submission still funds are in pending section.

15 days wait:heart::heart::heart:

wait wait and only wait…:frowning::pensive:(

14days only :slight_smile:

But 15 days are completed today… still funds are not cleared.

It will be cleared tonight. Be patient bro :relaxed:

Are you sure…?

I think your time zone & fiverr’s official time zone is different. That’s why you are having the problem. But it’ll be cleared very soon. Don’t worry.

Lets see whats happen…

Fiverr’s timezone doesn’t matter, but the time when order was placed does.
If order was made 5pm then it will be cleared 5pm

Do you mean after completing 15 days fiverr clear funds on order submission time.

Just wait and if it doesn’t clear then contact CS.

Thanks a lot…

14 for level two seller and i think 5 or 7 for top rated seller.