How much time I have to wait?


I am back here after two months. I haven’t got any order. How I will get orders?


Patience. Say it with me… “Patience”. :slight_smile:


I think it is necessary to come up with more unique gigs. I have no idea about the clear
number but there are HUNDREDS of business card design gigs here, it would be quite hard to stand. Your T-shirt design doesn’t really say much about your skills either unfortunately, since the sample image is clearly a part of a Starbucks logo, and it doesn’t show how skilled you are. You might want to come up with something more original.

And yes, patience is important too!


Keep creating new gigs or change the description title and tags of your gig daily.
Keep patience you will get more orders in future


I noticed two elements in your question: “wait” and “I am back here after two months”, which implies that you just create the gigs and walk away waiting for clients to find you. That may or may not work, in this case it didn’t.

The only thing that is going to get you clients is action, not passive waiting. Two people already recommended some steps of action that you can take. I will recommend you change your profile Bio and Tagline to reflect your passion for design.

Now, here is some inspiration with a situation I just came across:

Going back to February, user @careerplus wasn’t making any sales now, December, she is a Level 2 seller with 690 5-star reviews. You have countless examples like this.

Remember, this could be you in a few months or even weeks. But it takes ACTION.

Good Luck!