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How much time it takes to get first order?


I am a web designer.I really tried hard to get my first order.I didn’t sleep for last two night.Promoted my gigs send offers.But still nothing is working for me.What can I do now to attract buyers? It’s really frustrating It’s been long time.Still I don’t want to give up.I need help of experienced people.Give me some advice.And tell me if there is any problem with my gig.Here is the link:


Hello Raihan, I will give you my advice. I hope it helps you. :slight_smile:

  • Do not ever begin a salute with “hello Sir” since a lady could be offended by this and actually you are excluding them from your range of clients because you are assuming that all the clients are men.

  • Diversify your portfolio, publish more than one gig.

  • Improve a little your English, you even spelled wrong “Javascript”. I will proofread your presentation, use it if you want. I will leave it at the end.

Your version:
Hello sir I am a professional web designer.I use html-5,css-3,bootstrap,javascipt.I do my job professionally and in standard quality.I hope you will never regret working with me.
Message me when I am not in online.I will be back with reply as soon as possible.

Corrected version:
Hello! I am a professional web designer, able to work with html-5, css-3, bootstrap, javascript. I will do my job professionally and above the standard. Be sure that you will never regret working with me. Send me a message even if I am not online. I will respond as soon as possible.


Take on board the advice offered by @isaiah419 and do not lose sleep over this. It can take months to get your first order. Also it might be helpful to make your gig image more colorful. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Don’t worry about this to the point that you lose sleep over it. There are a lot of people on fiverr who do what you do. Think about how you can show your talents in a different way. Your profile says “Experienced web designer” but there are hundreds of these on fiverr, if not thousands.

Fill in your profile, add more skills, let people know about your qualifications. As has already been said, add more gigs. If you are not sleeping then use this time to improve your gigs and profile so you get orders in the future.

Good luck!


Thank you all for your advice.It was really helpful for me. :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot.I learned many things from your comment.Pray for me. :slight_smile:


nice idea…we got it