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How much time it takes to get your First buyer?

How much time period is involved between comming on fiverr and getting your first order? I am new to fiverr so I want to know after much time you come up with your first sale.



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I have posted in this catagory because I am expecting from some experienced sellar a good response.

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How long will it take to get your first order? Nobody can tell you that, as it varies from seller to seller.


Ok Thankyou for suggesting that.

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Ok. But maximum how much time it takes any idea?

I,v always wondered how people move categories, do you use a magic button or flag the post?

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Getting orders isn’t time based. I got my order within a week of creating my account. The order came from the buyers request. People often sit around hoping that orders will flow in without them even trying. Use social media to advertise your gig and by social media I don’t mean posting your gig on your facebook account… Personal fb account are crowded by people you know and technically most if not all of them don’t want to buy anything.

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There is no maximum. I’ve seen sellers who got their first order after 3 years :wink: It all depends on what YOU do to get sales. So, what are you doing to get sales? Surely you must have seen that Fiverr likes #doers :slight_smile:

If you don’t do anything and just wait for orders, it won’t happen, because Fiverr doesn’t guarantee any sales - it just gives you a platform where YOU can attract sales through your own efforts.

Want to know more about what you can do to get sales? » Read the UpYour posts « written by one of the Forum Moderators


But is it fine to promote in fb groups ?

How can I advertise it on social media without using my personal account? I’ve been wondering how to use my FB to do that but just like what you said most of my friends there are not thinking of buying anything.

Ok thankyou !!!

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3 years? Woah! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This entirely depends on your gig. If you plan on selling a service widely sold on Fiverr and pretend to charge a large amount of money plus no revision and two weeks delivery time, nobody will give you a chance. Beginners should sell their services very cheap, with multiple revisions and short delivery times, and after a few sells and 5* ratings they can increase price, decrease the service extras, and so on, as this is a highly competitive market.

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Yes, if a seller just waits for miracles and does nothing to get sales, it can take forever or even never.

True, some are lucky and get some starting sales (or maybe it isn’t really luck but actually their efforts starting to pay off). And I also remember that Fiverr gives a search results boost to new sellers for a short while to get them started, but after that they’re on their own & must prove they are doers.


ok thankyou !!!

Try to make your gig more attractive and mention why you special than other seller. Post on Buyer request, sharing on social media will gain much visibility for your gig and you will have order soon. It took one month for me.


Hopefully 1.5 years :slight_smile: