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How much time it took to get first order?

I have recently signed up as seller with Fiverr and await for my first ever Order.

How much time did it take for you?

I believe it I got my first order on my very first day, but I also did a lot of advertising on facebook and twitter promoting my Gigs. I have heard some people say it took them a month before they get their first Gig. I think it just depends on how unique your Gig is also. Try going back through your Gigs and changing wording/tags around. I do this about once a week. There is always room for improvement. Good luck!

AND for those of you who have sold, what would you attribute most to your success? How do you get most of your buyers?

I understand if you don’t want to be specific, but is it like social media, e-mail blasts, repeat clients…?

To get a first order can be time consuming sometime, but the baseline is what am i selling?. Once seller can be able to define this very well and buyers likes it, orders will start coming in. Social media can also help making ones gig known.


Put “how long first order?” in the Fiverr Search Function. There are many threads on this topic.

@graphicsmyway, congrates to get 2 orders in one month :slight_smile: I’m not sure whether it’s good or bad, but you’ve a start there.

@voiceoverwork, many thanks.

@eclients, that’s right. changing the description as we learn new things.

@pr_junction same problem i m facing … my gigs are awaiting orders …

@venom_hunt, the ball has started rolling in for me. got the first order :slight_smile:

Wish that you get starting orders soon. all the best.