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How much time it usually took to become level 2 seller form start in IT area in Fiverr

What is the scope of this this
can I make living out of this?


Two different points of consideration:

  1. A lot of sellers might never get to level 2
  2. There is no way to see when a level 2 seller got to level 2. Though you can see the join date.
  3. One good way to see when you might become a level 2 seller is to look at how much you’ve currently earned and how much you’re earning on average per week/month and calculate when you might reach the level 2 requirements based on those figures. If you’re earning an increasing amount per month you could take that into account in the calculation.

I agree with @uk1000.

Also, why does this matter for you? Focus on creating great gigs, provide people with amazing services and you can make a living from Fiverr.

Levels don’t really matter here, there are Pro level sellers that barely get an order per week, while level 2 sellers have dozens of orders in queue. As I said, show your professionalism and you will make it. Focus on circumventing the system, trying to get things done faster and you won’t make it. It’s as simple as that.

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Actually this makes much more sense to me
Thanks hopefully soon I will get to you with great result