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How much time it will take to PROCESSING video?


Just try to add my 1st gig , uploaded the video file M4 format 4mb now its says “24 hours to update.” so simple video will take 24 hours ? this is just for 1st time or every time I will upload new videos this is normal turnaround time ?

without video how can i active my gigs ?

i am into video animation and don’t think without video sample its good to active me gig.

Recommend please or i am doing some thing wrong ?


Every time you create a new gig or update an existing gig, it gets reviewed sometimes automatically, sometimes by an editor. This can take up to 24 hours, every time, but often takes less than that.


Thanks for your response celticmoon , gig is live and got orders too :slight_smile: :D/


See? Just needed to wait a bit longer.

Good luck~!


Hi - To your knowledge, is it normal for it to take longer than 24 hours to processs a video? I am new to fiverr, and tried launching my first gig, but it’s been beyond 48 hours, and I’m wondering if that’s because it is my first published gig or what. I’m eager to start creating, and just a bit confused. In advance - thank you for your feedback. :slight_smile: