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How much time need to stay in fiverr market for successfull freelancer

Hi,all .i am new in fiverr.But i have a Business ,for that reason i need to know how much time need to give in fiverr market to be a successful freelancer…
I think your answer in most important for my career.

I am so much lazy for time to sleep.


Minimum 10 hours you have to stay there.


If you can spend more time with your account, it’s easier to contact your sales and buyers


I have the same problem.

Bro…Actually i want to be a successful freelancer but i have also the same problem of sleeping…I think u can do one think as per my thinking that pls dont look up to your bed as long as your work is done…Actually i think it could work or not…

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u can freelancing sir.

You don’t have to stay on the site all the time, it really doesn’t help you much. Just make sure the time you spend on here actually counts.