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How much time PayPal takes to show the money withdrawal from fiverr?

How much time it takes to show the money in PayPal withdrawal from fiverr.


Mine takes at most 3 seconds


There is almost 2 days gone but the money is not shown in my PayPal account and remain in fiverr… Should I request again for money withdrawal

You may not be able to request again if the money has left your Fiverr account. Check to see if the money is in your account still or not and if you’ve properly confirmed the withdrawal request by going to your email. If you’re still having issues contact Fiverr support.

Why would you want to request it again if the money has left your Fiverr account?

It’s either a case where they don’t realize that it’s gone, they don’t know how it works, or the withdrawal wasn’t even confirmed. The person may be new.

Thanks. In that case, they should check their PayPal account.

Indeed. That’s a great idea.


Hi, the money is not transferred to PayPal and still showing in my fiverr account. I have carefully done all the steps for money withdrawal already. Should I request again as money is still showing in my fiverr account??? Or wait more??? 3-4 days are already gone😏

It is still showing in my fiverr account after successful confirmation of email arrived from fiverr team to confirm the withdrawal

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Oh, I get this bug on my phone. It’s so annoying! So I don’t do withdrawals with the app or mobile website. If I have to use my phone, I use the desktop top version of Fiverr in my browser.

So should I try with desktop version?

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Yes! I would try that.