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How much time per day do you spend on Fiverr?


Just wondering… During the week, I carve out about 2-4 hours per day and on the weekends, I pop in every couple of hours depending on if we’re out and about.

Now, looking at how much time you spend on Fiverr, is it worth it to you?


Dicovered fiverr some days ago and it’s the same. You can get kind of addicted to it. It will surely be less time in the future but there are so many crazy gigs to watch. I really love it. Just received a great SEO report from twistedweb123 - amazing what this guy is doing.


I spend about 4 hours a day, trying to finish out my gigs. I have a full time at home job so that takes up 5 hours itself… >_< man. I need to get fresh air.


Too Much :wink:


I spend way too much due to the unreliability of this site. I dont get emails telling me about new orders so I have to log in a check myself. I dont get emails telling me about emails waiting, so I have to log in and check myself. I contacted support and their response was “Use gmail, its better than your current provider?” Yea, except I never had a problem up till 2 months ago. Great support we get. I have also had some orders show up out of the blue like its been in Que for 2 days but I could never see it. A lot f weird stuff goes on here.


I used to spend 2-4 hours per day, but now max 1hour, because something strange happened I don’t receive gigs anymore…


A lot! I spend a good amount of free time on the computer…lol

So I just leave a tab with fiverr open. Also, most of my jobs come from me looking at the request gig board, so I am always refreshing to try and catch new ones. :stuck_out_tongue:


Between being on the site and filling gigs, so far maybe 1-3 hours a day depending on the day. I’m into the slow build. I’d probably pull my hair out if I woke up with 30 gigs tomorrow so I’m trying to take it easy. :wink:

Even though I’m not on directly I’m constantly thinking about how to do better though.


Reply to @mrspanda: That’s awesome that you are able to work at home though. I always find myself trying to squeeze in Fiverr stuff while at work-- answering questions, setting up orders, etc. Luckily, I can do a lot of this on my phone or on my lunch break, so it isn’t that bad.


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: OMG… lol on the 27+ hours a day!!