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How much time required for label update?


How much time required for update label in profile after evaluation period ends?


I imagine seller badges are immediate.


Maybe its not, here already ends of evaluation period

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Evaluation period ends on Feb 15, 2019, 00:00 GMT


Well it is.

Just pay more attention: it says 15th feb 12 am GMT time

If you google what is GMT time you will find out that it’s only 5 am there right now.


It can actually take a day or two past evaluation period. It varies. Patience.


Sure, thank you very much!


Just got it, thank you!


You completed 103 order in NO LEVEL ?


In my opinion, For the automated levels and probably demotions, a script is triggered at 00:00 GMT that iterates the database stamping each profile deserving of whatever badge…lol, it takes a bit of time.

That’s my guess.

@mariashtelle1 I really love your logos, darn, aren’t they so good???


Yes, got it today, thank you!


Ha ha thank you! For recognising my talent :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Fiverr should also recognize it with the TOP RATED badge, since we are talking about, labels…:grinning:


I hope that, thank you!