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How much time take you to get the first ordered?

How much time take you to get the first ordered?

It varies so much that there is no sensible answer.

I know some people have had their first order in a few days, many can wait a year or more. Personally I think it has to do with service to the Devil :wink:

More practically it is somewhere between luck - a thing you cannot control but be there available - and confidence. You can pretend to be confident or you can be confident. Whichever you are shines in your Gig. I see Gigs where the person is practically begging for scraps under pretend confidence. I see Gigs where I think, How do they get customers with that! But they believe and that translates into confidence for their type of buyer (important to understand that they are not necessarily my type of buyer).

So what are you confident about? What scares the :poop: out of you? How can you sort that?

Then we need to talk about the Second order.
After that we need to talk about the third order…



It varies when you get first order

there is no concrete answer for that which totally depends on your patience and dedication and by that skill you can keep trying to apply which may result in becoming successful on this platform you are concern with. best of luck in your journey in the form of the Fiverr platform and wish you the best of the best.