How much time to get the first order?


I am not sure if its the right category to post this kind of question?

But can pros tell me what is the average time to get the first order for a web developer in fiverr? I am just new, and working regularly on this place as a web developer. Can anyone give me any idea?

Thanks in advance.


Hi, we think good promotion, unique offer and and design and you can get first order in a short time after creation.


It depends upon your market. If you have a unique service that stands out, you might start earning sales sooner. If you’re offering a service that is just like everyone else in your category, it could take as long as a few months. There really is no one answer to your question.

My advice: Work hard to be unique. People take notice of the more unique and professional services here on Fiverr. Present yourself well, and buyers are more likely to check out your gig listings. Never, ever, ever follow the crowd. Success comes to those who are willing to take a risk and stand out. Leaders get noticed… followers… not so much.


Thanks for your reply!


Thanks for your reply! i am just a newbie looking for some jobs. yeah that’s true, my services are almost like the others in that category. can you suggest me something?


I can’t tell you how to be unique, that’s something you’ll have to figure out for yourself. Only YOU know what makes you unique. Take some time to assess your skills and abilities. Figure out what you can offer that your competitors cannot, and then build your gig(s) around that uniqueness.

YOU are the only person that can build your success. You, like every other businessman in the world, need to figure this out for yourself. :slight_smile: