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How much time to give them?

I ordered an e-book cover and paid extra for 24 hour turnaround. So far it’s been about 36 hours and I don’t have my cover. How long do I give them? When I went into the Resolution Center it kind of guilted me into not canceling because the seller had a good rating.



I recommend waiting 12 hours more as sometimes time zones can kick in badly. Have you contacted the seller and asked about the status? Sometimes this can help clear things up. Sure, it’s a pain to wait if you paid extra for a fast turn around, but the best way to deal with things is to try and resolve it with the seller first, as both parties will be most likely more happy then. Just my two cents :slight_smile:

If the seller doesn’t reply at all he’s maybe not even checking new orders. A tip here would be to check his reviews to see how old the latest review is, cause if it’s very old, it’s most likely the seller is no longer active and then you don’t have to feel bad if you cancel :slight_smile:

Did you contact them to ask? I would send them a message and see what the problem is, then decide what to do from there. Life emergencies do come up some of the time.

Also, did you contact this seller before you ordered your gig?

my question is do you want the product??? if you don’t want it, then cancel. otherwise just be patient.