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How much time to leave a feedback to a buyer?

How much time to leave a feedback to a buyer? I got this angry buyer which I made a couple of gigs for him he Made a good review and then his business was going not so good and he tried to not pay me, also he left two bd reviews on My gig. I’m unable to see them, but I like to know this, and what is my best options to avoid having this on my history. Thanks in advance guys

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If he did leave a review, you should be able to see it. He has 10 days after the order is completed to leave feedback.

There is nothing you can do to remove a bad review from your profile. Work on overdelivering high quality services to increase your ratings.

If a buyer does leave a negative review, you can reply to it and leave your side of the story (if the review was given unjustly). It’s not much, but it’s something.

There is way you are wrong, read Feedback Terms and condition. If buyer violates TOS it can be removed.