How much time usually need to get order first time?


Hi, recently I uploaded my first 3 gigs in fiverr & creating some more. Now I want some feedback & Comments that what should i do to get my first order.


Check this out for how to get orders:


There are literally dozens of topics in the forum, blog, and podcast discussing how to sell a gig. The first step would be, if you haven’t taken it already, to optimize gigs. Make them look and sound professional, take a close look on every single aspect of your gig, ask yourself “would I buy this service from this guy?” and as long as you are not totally sure you would make adjustments. For example, I would use different soundtrack in that smart and corporate gig- it sounds childish rather.

Good luck, be patient, do your best and everything will be allright :slight_smile:


Thank’s for your valuable feedback. Hope all will be well.


thank’s for this link.