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How much time will take to recover temporarily disabled account

Hello there,
I got mail from Fiverr before 11 days ago.
I attached screenshot of mail. (1.png)image

After 3 days, i received massage from customer support-
“The reason your account is temporarily disabled is because it is currently under review by our department due to reports of breaching confidential information of one or more of your buyers.”

After that i received another massage from customer support-
“We are contacting you on behalf of your buyer for order #*************
Your buyer has not received the final files for this order. Please provide us with the final files so that we can forward them to the buyer for you and ensure they have received all the items they paid for.”

So in this case, how much time i need to wait for recover my account?


Let’s start with this:
Did you send final files for that order in original delivery? Or did you send them only after CS contacted you and disabled your account?


I sent final files after CS contacted.

So you are indeed violated fiverr rules and fiverr considers it as abusing delivery button and it might take over 3 weeks for CS to review your account from what we heard on the forum.


Thanks a lot mariashtelle1,
Yes, i accept the my mistake about violated fiverr rules.
Will it affect on my seller profile, when i will able to access it?
Or will it affect on my account level?

Look, I can not predict anything for you. It all depends on trust and safety team and their decisions but in most cases they just banning accounts if violations are indeed took place. But you still have hope while they are reviewing your profile.

Good luck.


Thank you so much for your helpful information. :heart_eyes:


you should contact fiverr help support.

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