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How much time you spent before receiving your first Order?


hi everyone, I’m new here and I want to know how much time you spent before receiving your first Order,
For me I have now more than 1 week and I didn’t receiving any Order yet :joy:


A few days. I would say about 4 days into starting my most active gig. My first and most favorite client was my very first from a buyer request. She accepted my offer out of a handful of people and has been buying from me ever since. I would suggest getting on the buyer request page as often as possible and make offers within reason. The thing is to be proactive. You can’t sit and wait for magic to happen; you have to make it happen for yourself.


I dont remember exactly how long it took but I think it was almost a month. But i recall reading a forum post of a seller who got their first order minutes after he published his very first gig. So I guess everyone will have a different expereince


A few days for myself


I am new and I have not received my first order yet. However, I have been visiting the buyer’s request page and I sent two orders today. I would suggest while you wait, just keep reading and learning everything you can. I realize this community is filled with a wealth of information, so keep trying to take in everything you can, keep revising your gigs as you go along and don’t give up!



I am a relatively new seller (created account 40 days ago) and I was fortunate enough to have gotten my first order on the 4th day after account (and gig) creation (from buyer request). :blush:

@lexiewrites wow the ‘magic number’ of 4 days for you too? Unlike your first buyer though, my first buyer was neither a repeat buyer (on Fiverr) nor have they come back to place an order with me. But my second buyer is a regular of mine (or so I’d like to think :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


i still have no any customer since i have been in FIVERR . Don’t worry may have it tomorrow. :sweat_smile:


Yeah, I got my first order in a month, but it was for 65 dollars.


thank you to sharing your experience.
Yes, you are right, the most important thing is to continue on working and updating the gigs.


Yes, this is the much important thing,
Thank you and I wish good luck to you


Thank you @anaxxboss:ok_hand:


362 years. Give or take a month.


for me it just took 3 days. I think it’s all depend upon gig and your offering so keep trying in different ways you will get it.


Well it depends I just started out 3 weeks ago and got my first order 1 week ago hope I get more!
You have to contstantly go ask for jobs in buyer requests section and make the customer fill confortable, hope this helped!


i received my first order after 10 months ,but it was my fault as i did not use to send buyer requests properly,but i received my 1st order on request number 83 and second order on request number 103,
the key is just send buyer requests daily plust use to check your gigs analytics daily


Just a little under a month, after sending around 60 buyer request offers. Stay determined…!


I am using mobile app and also website of fiverr , from mobile I always use it and check my account


For me, 63 offer sent through BR, still counting days and waiting for an order. My Gigs are polished but not sure something wrong.


About a month and a half, give or take a couple days, but my friend on Reddit had to wait for 5 months for her first order.

Funny story, my first order was in the buyer requests and had nothing to do with my original gig at all, the client actually taught me how to do the job and asked me to create a gig for it so he could hire me, It worked really well…



Within 3 days.

However, this says nothing. It was years ago and everything is different now. There are sellers who never receive any order.