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How much to price my gig?



I am not sure if this is the right place for this question, so I apologize if it’s not. I just joined Fiverr yesterday and am unsure of how to price a gig.

Thank you!


How many hours does it take you to complete a 30,000-word story? What is the hourly living wage in your country?

Multiply the two together and you have a nice starting point.

You may then price your stories a little lower while you establish yourself. Sort of like a sale. You can increase your prices once you level up.


That’s the thing – it varies so much. I have no idea how some people on this site churn out entire books in five days. How do they do it?! I gave myself ten to twelve days to finish the story. The quality will no doubt suffer slightly, because if I had a month to write a short story I could iron out all the issues more. Maybe I should extend the amount of time I need to write the story and keep the price the same: a little lower than I would have expected, but enough while I work to build up a profile here on Fiverr.


And thank you for your advice! I will do that, actually. Thank you!


I think it’s the smartest strategy. Otherwise, you’ll eventually become demotivated when you realise you’d be earning more money flipping burgers at McD’s.

A second popular pricing strategy, though, is to price yourself among the lowest in your niche, then raise your prices in small increments as you become more popular.

Some people prefer the second strategy as they can get to work straight away. The orders usually come in pretty quickly. You just don’t earn much money from them. But you play the long game.


Yes, that seconds strategy was what I was wondering about. I was thinking of trying that. I just reduced the prices to pretty low numbers, but I’m wondering if I’m ripping myself off. On the other hand - how will I get customers as a new Fiverr seller if I don’t sell things for cheap? I’m a perfectly capable writer but so are many others on this site, I’m sure. I need something to draw them to me – and I’m afraid that might have to be a low price, for now, until I’ve built up more consistent customers. 30,000 is a lot of words, 1/3 of a novel, and I’m struggling with how much to price it. Ah, the endless struggle.

Yes, it definitely is the long game!

Thanks for taking time out of your day to help me out, because you definitely have. I suppose what Im looking for is for someone to tell me “Make this cost x much” which obviously isn’t going to happen. It’s up to me.


There are really only a few ways and it’s something to be cautious about. Some people really are super fast writers. They can typically make really good money here doing easy books or bulk articles. Some people will say they offer a “book” in 5 days but it might really only be 5000 words or even less. Unfortunately there are some that are dishonest. They claim they can write a lengthy book fast and cheap, but they use badly spun content or worse, they outright steal it. Most of them get caught sooner or later, but it can happen.

If you can offer a decent 30,000 word book on Fiverr, that’s a valuable skill no matter the price. When you have few reviews, though, you may have to offer packages with a short piece at a cheap price and larger pieces at higher prices. (How much depends on you.) You will also build your profile faster if you start out offering good work for very little money just to build your reputation. Like you said, it can be a long game.


Ahh, I see. I was wondering how it was even remotely possible to write a 70,000-90,000k book in five days! Silly of me to believe it could be done. And oh, how I envy those super fast writers!

That’s a good idea – to offer packages with shorter pieces. Writing a 5000-10,000 word story is infinitely easier than writing a 30,000 word one. I have a question - is there a place to upload your portfolio here on Fiverr? Just wondering because I had some pieces I thought should be put up, so people can see my writing before they make a decision on whether or not to hire me.