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How Much was your biggest sale from one person?


Mine was $75 on one order, and that is still my biggest order till now, So How much did you get from you’re biggest sale from one person?


That’s great!
For me, $40 on one order,
One guy did a $15 order and tipped $25 and then asked me to do a custom order of $25 as he wanted to tip more :slight_smile: Was good!


As of today, August 28, 2015, my biggest order has been $50.


I’m offering a different type of service to my valuable prospect’s… in my most fav gig i’m offering Google adword’s and analytics professional level certification service. just have a quick look in my gig to get detailed info…


$75 is really good! I’m pretty sure that was my biggest order too. :smiley:


Mine biggest was $50.


Closing in on my second month and so far the largest one has been a $170 order.


$180 :slight_smile:


$150 is my highest.


mine 160$ :slight_smile:


I was really excited about my $25 order until I read all these comments. $-)


Mine is $25 still. I am excited not because of the figure just because I have started selling my gigs after nine months. Thank you FIVERR.


Mine is $120




160$ the biggest I worked on.
I preferably break orders in pieces now and usually it’s around 60$.


Reply to @idesigngraphic: Nice My highest tip was $5


Reply to @artisticdreamer: Nice, that’s pretty good


Reply to @pyridoxal: lol