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How much will fiverr deduct for a 300$ transaction?

Could someone tell me exactly how much will fiverr take when i make a 300$ transaction ? :smiley:


20% is always the answer. For $300 they take $60.

Twenty per-cent. So, 60 bucks.

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How come? If I already have 300$ earned (after fiverr’s cut from the buyer), is there an additional 20% for the withdrawal?

Reply to @exilegraphics: i don’t think they will charge for withdrawal i was asking about 300$ sale to a customer.

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Fiverr don’t charge withdrawal fees. PayPal charges a few cents, Payoneer take a few dollars, but none of that money goes to Fiverr.

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Interesting, I am a buyer. Now I am wondering if I send a $40.00 tip does fiverr steal take 20 percent? Sorry, I mean still.

Reply to @timothythompson: Yes, they always take 20%. But you can hardly call it stealing when without fiverr you wouldn’t have gotten the work done and the seller wouldn’t have gotten the job at all. Fiverr does all the work of providing the web platform for both buyer and seller, marketing, accounting, etc. I don’t mind paying them 20% to help me run these aspects of my business for me!

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Why don’t, if they charge from one side. Then it’s Ok, they charge from both side. Then what we call that?

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Fiverr always takes 20% from sales… be it your main income or tips… wish fiverr wont take 20% from the tip though :frowning:

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