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How much withdraw minimum dollars to paypal

I am new to fiverr and I want to withdraw my future balance in my paypal account
How much withdraw minimum dollars to paypal
Thank you

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The minimum balance to withdraw into Paypal is $1.
However, Paypal charges $1 per withdrawal, so you should wait until you have more than $1 to withdraw, or you’ll simply be giving your money to Paypal!

Funds take 2 weeks to clear after the gig is marked as complete; after the 2 weeks you may withdraw.
It takes 24 hours after connecting your Paypal and Fiverr to be able to withdraw into Paypal, so plan accordingly.


thanks you are the best.

How many dolar i need to transfer from fiverr to paypal

The minimum withdrawal amount for PayPal is $1.

You can read more about withdrawing funds here:

Also, you could ask a question in your own topic, not on 2 years old one. :wink: