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How much would it be to

These last few weeks I’ve noticed an increase in the number of potential buyers sending me messages along the lines of…how much would it be to do…

My gigs are quite clear, and often buyers just need to make the booking and it will be self evident what the cost is. want me to do X? $5. Want me to do XX? $10.

Until this started to happen I just got gig orders, did the job and moved on. Now there is dialogue and negotiations over a $5 or $10 gig, which is not something I really want to entertain. three this week so far, and it’s only Monday.

I feel your pain, big time. I have had nothing but messages about how much would it cost to do X…I am so sick of spending DAYS talking to these buyers. It’s like just buy the gig already! Jezz…

I’ve been getting about 5 - 10 of these messages a day. I can understand something custom that’s not included in the base price of the gig. But if your message is linked to my logo design gig and then you ask how much is a logo I’m not sure how to answer them.

Don’t complain, these messages are bank.

8 times out of 10 I can turn an enquiry into an “extra-rich” sale. I sell far more extras to these enquiries than I do to people that just buy from the gig.

Take the opportunity to TELL THEM WHAT TO BUY!


One tyre-kicker and I swapped a dozen or so messages via Fiverr. He sent me files to edit (via Fiverr), and when I asked that he book me using one of my gigs he decided not to offer me the job.

He then booked a Gig with me and then started asking for lots of extras that were never part of the agreement, or my Gig offer. I cancelled the Gig, because one always knows when brain damage is imminent…