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How much you Charge for design?


Hey Everyone,
There many sellers and design companies around the word curious about knowing
how much you charge or what are charges in your country ? :slight_smile:
and how much a designer should charge for work?

thank you :slight_smile:


The answer is simple: Charge what you think your work is worth.


Straight and simple answer


i agree with your comment #jonbass


50 dollar atleast for a simple logo
100 - 500 for a complex work logo

100 dollar for a tshirt designes

500 dollar for a ecommerce or simple website


That’s very reasonable for such a famous Hollywood actress! You’re obviously offering great value. :wink:


There is never a fix amount for any design. It depends on the nature of work, quality of work and the effort we put in. Normally a good designer charges a little more than the rest.


Hahaha cant stop laughing :rofl:


My advise is, do some research and based on what you understand you then put a cost that’s fees-able to you for your work.