How much you earn for one day


I am new for this site.plz explain how much you earn from fiverr


That depends on your gigs and what you have to offer. As a new seller, I like to set my gigs to the standard $5 price, which means I would usually make $4 with a sale. If buyers need more than what my standard option offers, I would add extras, but still, not too expensive.

Start by making little, then, once you have more reviews and successful sales, you can increase the price.


Some earn over $100,000 a year. Some earn $0 a year.


Fiverr is like a snowball. It starts small but once it starts rolling it gets bigger. Your orders are very similar as they gather momentum and will start to become regular. As I am still only a small seller with only two gigs (only one popular) I only make 1-2 sales a week. This means I will make about $8 - $16 roughly.


It all depends on wether there are people that need my services on that particular day.
There are good days and there are bad days as a freelancer.




Knowing what others earn is of no use for you. It’s like knowing what your neighbor earns per month. It will not bring a single dime into your pocket.


The best I make in a day on fiverr is 1200 USDs